We design, develop and produce flow wrapping machinery according to our clients specific requirements.

TLM was created by a group of people who share the same principles and work toward the same goals, with professionalism, consistency and passion. products.

Our philosophy is expressed throughout our quality, flexibility and dynamic approach to giving our clients a strategic resource to improve their products.

TLM packaging


We use the 3d technology to design our Flow Wrapping machinery in order to grant our customers the knowledge of their packaging machine down to the smallest detail.

The identification of spare parts (for maintaining the efficiency of the machine ) is simple and rapid.


Our mechanical division owns the quality certification ISO 9001- 2008


Through customer satisfaction goes the growth and improvement of a product.


Thanks to our strategic partners TLM is pleased to satisfy every customer demands.

Manage project

Evaluation & Sampling

During the preliminary phase of a negotiation it is important to provide the customer with a proper analysis of his needs as well as being able to view a sampling of his products.

Technical Specification Approval

The customer technical specifications is required before proceeding to the construction of the machine.


The mounting of the machine is performed by highly specialized personnel, following all phases of work .

Final testing

Before shipment Each machine is tested with the products and the wrapping material supplied by the customer, product data sheet will be delivered to the end user and verifies that it meets the technical specifications required.

Explanation & installation

If necessary our staff can perform installations all over the world, providing reliability and professionalism to our customer.

After sale

Technical services

Our Technical service is active
seven days a week from 8am to 18pm

Phone :
+39 011 988 1307

Mobile :
+39 335 167 6472

Skype :

Doc & Manuals

The technical documentation that we provide includes :

Manual instruction
CE certification
Machine part list
Product sheets

Spare Parts

Standard and usual Spare parts are always ready in stock , delivery within 24h .

For special parts like forming box , delivery 10 days from receipt of samples .
All the machine parts are coded , it will be enought ask for the part number indicating the quantity .
It is the minimum billable € 150,00
Our logistic partner is DHL , UPS .


Thanks to the way we design you can always run mechanical and software upgrades without having to replace the machine.

Infeed extension
Different jaws
New forming box
Software function like no product no bag

Agreements & various

Delivery terms and Shipment

Little Flow | 4 Weeks

Wiky | 5 Weeks

Easy | 5 Weeks

Prime | 5 Weeks

Dynamic | 6 Weeks

Speedy | 7 Weeks

New Easy | 8 Weeks

Atmosfera | 8 Weeks

Discovery | 8 Weeks
BB versions | 10 Weeks
Big size versions | 12 Weeks

All Stainless stell Vesions +2 Weeks


Warranty is 24 Mounth from the delivery/shipment .

DEFECTS: for a period of twenty-four months from the date of delivery, any defects in the machine or accessories, if reported in writing no later than eight days from the discovery of same, the vendor, without applying the guarantee as stated in Art. 1490 and successive of the Italian Civil Code, undertakes to remedy same, repairing them or, at its discretion, replacing the machine or accessories, on condition that the aforementioned defects were not caused through the fault or deed of the buyer, carrier or another party; the transfer costs for the services of an engineer sent by the vendor, will be met exclusively by the buyer, who shall refund them without delay; the vendor’s undertaking to remedy defects will not include the replacement or repair of machine and accessory parts subject to wear according to the different methods of use (for example, “cutting blades”, “resistors”, “rotary contacts of resistors”, “product-pushing paddles” are not covered);

Our partner for shipment is